About the Brotherhood Community

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect and train emerging male leaders who are fully alive, self-expressed, and embody the full dynamic range of our power and sensitivity. 

The Brotherhood Community invites men into their deepest purpose, invokes their greatest visions for the world, and ignites them into principled action.

We lead with joy – in collaboration with people of all genders – in service of a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world.

Our Values

Values are the guiding force of the Brotherhood Community – the foundation of everything we create; the North point on our compass. We reference all of the choices we make within this community and in our trainings against our declared set of values to determine whether we are fully in alignment:

These values are:

  1. Aliveness – Opening the body to the unhindered flow of self expression.
  2. Sovereignty – Taking radical responsibility for our experiences and our lives.
  3. Interdependence – Leaning into community as a source of power and support.
  4. Communication – Speaking and listening with clarity, love, honesty, and empathy.
  5. Transformation – Continually creating ourselves and our worlds anew.
  6. Leadership – Leaving a legacy of positive contribution through living our deepest purpose.
  7. Enoughness – Cultivating deep trust in the inner and outer resources available to us.

In addition to our values, we have a very specific 20-point Code of Conduct that we are held accountable to as co-leaders of the Brotherhood Community. Read it here.

The Name

Brotherhood (n.) – deep and authentic connection between men.

This quality is a critical missing link in our disconnected world, and we’re here to strengthen that link, as well as the link between men and people of all genders.

We believe that by doing own healing work and actively working towards creating a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world – women and people of all genders benefit.

Together we rise. That is the spirit of the Brotherhood Community!

Diversity and Inclusion

We are an inclusive community of self-identifying men of all ages, ethnicities and races, sexual orientations, economic statuses, and nationalities who are committed to creating a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world.

We are non-denominational and not affiliated with any religious group. We welcome any religious, spiritual, or agnostic beliefs.

And – let’s be real – as three white, straight, cis-gender American men co-leading this organization, it takes especially active involvement on our part to make this a diverse space. We simply can’t do it alone…

To this end, we welcome any and all honest feedback on our public presence, and are piloting Diversity Partnerships – intended for men of color who are interested in our retreats and are passionate about social justice. We are offering a significant discount on tuition in exchange for:

  • Honest feedback about how our trainings can be more culturally savvy.
  • Support in getting connected to more diverse networks.

If you’re interested in joining our next retreat as a diversity partner, please reach out.

Our Team

Robert Schwenkler, Joshua Hathaway, and Peter Rubin are the Co-Founders of the Brotherhood Community. They’ve been involved in men’s work for a collective 35 years and are devoted creating a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world by changing the face of modern male leadership.

Chair Black Square 2Kx2K.jpg

Robert Schwenkler leads men’s workshops internationally and has helped private clients from across 3 continents to triple their revenue, rekindle the passion in their relationships, and find deep levels of inner peace.

Many of his clients have achieved extraordinary success in past lives as Army Sniper Instructors, Hollywood Directors, and private yoga instructors to Saudi Arabian Princes. What they all hold in common is a commitment to live in full alignment with their deepest life purpose.

Learn More About Robert Here


Joshua Hathaway, MA, is a Transformational Trickster, Trainer, Coach, and proud father.

He has 12 year's experience teaching NonViolent Communication, private coaching and counseling with hundreds of individuals and couples, and leading Men's Circles and retreats.

His No Bullsh!t brand communication trainings have been delivered extensively to private and corporate clients such as Zappos and LYFT.

He gently and humorously dismantles people's Bullsh!t, delivers practical skill building tools, and facilitates experiences that bring home the power and value of connection.

Learn More About Joshua Here


Peter Rubin is a master coach whose superpower is vulnerability. In many ways he’s a paradox of a man – both strong and highly sensitive, serious with playful things and playful with serious things.

He graduated from Stanford with a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and is certified as a Master NLP Practitioner and Diversity Facilitator. He has been a full-time professional coach since 2010.

As well as leading men’s work, he helps visionaries give birth to their businesses.

Learn More About Peter Here

And we’re very clear… we’re human!

Our bios show off the highlights of our lives and careers, but make no mistake, we have not been immune to suffering: Severe depression and suicidal mind states… Committing to career paths only to end up in soul-crushing jobs… Having our asses handed to us over and over (and over) again in romantic relationship… The extraordinary challenges of fatherhood and divorce…

But through it all we’ve forged forward to live our purposes and create our legacies.

The difference between us and other men who succumb to the challenges of life is this – we lean into brotherhood with other powerful men who hold us to our potential.

We are founding members of our own peer-based men’s group – a circle of high-performing men who are there for each other through thick and thin – to support each other and call each other on our bullshit.

Through brotherhood we’ve created relationships, careers, and lives we couldn’t have even imagined a few years ago – full of aliveness, passion, fulfillment, and purpose.

Now it’s time to give back. To create more of the spaces we have benefitted from for so many years. Spaces where men can come together to cut through the fear, pain, and bullshit – and open up their hearts to love, authenticity, and connection – in every area of their lives.

Our Unique Approach

Having been involved in men’s work for a collective 35 years, we saw a lot of men’s leaders offering great work, but none got to the essence of what we want to see in men and in the world.

Some men’s spaces approach transformation by inviting men to drop below the day-to-day “guy stuff” and to soften, deepen, and connect with each other through conversation, ritual, or dance. While we honor these more “feminine” elements, and believe they are very important for many men to cultivate, a certain potency and power is missing.

Some men’s spaces approach transformation in a hard-edged and militaristic way, breaking men down physically and psychologically. While we honor these more “masculine” elements, and believe they are important for many men to cultivate, a certain sensitivity and attunement to themselves and others is missing.

We took the best of what we’ve been taught, and when we didn’t have tools that we felt would achieve the highest potency in our trainings, we created our own custom processes and tools.

In short, we put together a community and a Men’s Leadership Retreat that are unlike any other we’ve experienced (and we’ve seen a lot). We’ve seen it takes to lead truly thriving relationships, careers, and lives, and we created an ecosystem to deliver just that.

The Brotherhood Community cultivates Integrated Male Leaders – men who are purpose-driven and other-minded.

Men who are potent and attuned.

Men who are unstoppable forces of nature and who live with hearts so wide open that everyone around them can’t help but be transformed by their presence.

Men who create, live, and love like there’s no tomorrow.

Here’s How You Can Get Involved


We invite you to step into our community by joining one of our life-changing 90-minute Free Group Coaching Intros. 

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Any Gender

Who are the men in your life who would benefit from being involved in the Brotherhood Community? Send them to this website you’ll be contributing to his growth and our mission.

If you’re an established leader of any gender who’s working in the field of transformation, consciousness, or gender healing, reach out and let’s explore the possibility of partnership.

You can also learn more about what we offer, and our perspectives on integrated Male Leadership.