Get a taste of the next level of leadership in your life.

We were thinking of a way for men to get to know us and powerfully experience what we stand for in the Brotherhood Community.

After considering more conventional marketing methods, we decided to do something radical: offer a small group coaching call – something that we would normally charge money for – for free to anyone who is interested.

Scores of men have now attended the Free Men's Coaching Circle.

Each man has received connection and powerful support. Some men have had life-changing breakthroughs that have completely altered the course of their lives.

Here’s what participants have said – 

"I can't recommend this more highly. These guys are the real deal. They create a profoundly safe and transformative space. It's still running through me (a week later).”

"The call helped me 100%” 

"Wow! I hadn’t realized that such a big thing missing for me was an intentional men’s community.”

Here’s how the call works –

These 90-minute video calls are a space for men to experience the power and depth of an expertly-facilitated men’s group.

We begin by introducing ourselves, setting agreements, and leading you through a series of surprising check-in questions that create a sense of community. Then you and each man on the call will have 10 potent minutes of individual coaching around an area of your life that you’re hungry to change.

At the end of the call, we’ll – briefy, tastefully, and with zero pressure – invite you to consider joining us for our upcoming Men’s Leadership Intensive.

You will walk away with:

  • Insights – or a massive breakthrough! – in the area of life you bring to the call.
  • A fuller vision of who you want to be as a man and a leader.
  • Greater clarity on what patterns are holding you back.
  • More power to achieve your goals and create your vision.
  • Concrete next steps to take in your life.

Does this sound like an experience you’re wanting to lean in to?

If so, our guarantee is this: If you show up ready to step outside of your comfort zone and play full-out you will walk away a different man than you came in.

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After the call –

Our Free Men's Coaching Circle is the first step to all that we offer in the Brotherhood Community.  In addition to the retreat we mentioned, you will be invited into a free invitation-only Facebook group for graduates of the Free Men's Coaching Circle and also get access to free Monthly Community Calls. These are available to you whether or not you ever sign up for one of our paid programs.

If you still have questions…

If you’re wanting to know more about the Brotherhood Community and who we you as facilitators, read our About the Brotherhood Community Page.

If you have reservations about being vulnerable with a group of men who you’ve never met before, read this article in our blog.

If you still have questions, we love your active mind and welcome you to reach out here.

Yours in service,

Robert, Joshua, and Peter
Co-Founders of the Brotherhood Community