Brotherhood Community Code of Conduct

As co-leaders of the Brotherhood Community, we are committed to the evolutionary process of following these 20 principles at progressively higher levels of integrity…

  1. Lead With Love. Keep our hearts open and tend to our fear so it doesn’t run us.
  2. Serve Our Community. Humbly serve the needs of our community.
  3. Serve the Greater Good. Create a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world.
  4. Transform Our Shadows. Do not act out or suppress our darkness and demons – hold them close and allow them to transform into allies.
  5. Integrate Masculine and Feminine Energies. Fully express and balance masculine and feminine energies and values in ourselves and in all aspects of our organization.
  6. Receive Feedback. Seek feedback, receive it openly, and respond appropriately.
  7. Keep Our Promises. If we see a better “win for all” solution or can’t keep a promise, renegotiate. If that fails…
  8. Make Amends. Clean up our mistakes (and forgive ourselves).
  9. Be Respectful. We practice respect and consent in all of our interactions, and hold people as creative, resourceful, and whole.
  10. Be Accountable. We are accountable to ourselves, each other, our community, and our advisory board.
  11. Be Vulnerable. Show up honest, transparent, and human – rather than “expert.”
  12. Honor Diversity. Cultivate a diverse community where people of all backgrounds feel welcome.
  13. Collaborate. Lean into collaboration with women and people of all genders, as well as a diverse web of other individuals, organizations, and communities.
  14. Recognize Privilege. Be aware of the places we’ve received unearned social power and how that shows up in our leadership.
  15. Unlearn Prejudice. Acknowledge our harmful biases and choose to see new data that disconfirms them.
  16. Be Mindful of Power. Recognize the power we are bestowed as leaders, and do not exploit this power for our personal, financial, or sexual gain.
  17. Sell Ethically. Have sensitive and straightforward sales conversations without pressure, manufactured urgency, or threats to belonging.
  18. Price Ethically. Price our services in a way that is sustainable for our organization while providing excellent value and making our work as accessible as possible.
  19. Practice Self-Care. Take great care of ourselves so we’re more able to show up in all the ways above.
  20. Lead Joyfully! We teach what we model, and the world doesn’t need more miserable martyrs. Leading with joy and play gives others permission to do the same.

We welcome your feedback! Our contact page has a standard contact form as well as anonymous feedback form.