The Brotherhood Community Leadership Integration Training (LIT)

We’re changing the culture around leadership.

Integrated Male Leadership is model that opens pathways to navigating internal and external challenges in more creative and effective ways.

LIT is our response to existing top-down models of male leadership that are outdated, oppressive, inefficient, and ultimately unsustainable. The cost to other genders and our society as a whole has been immense. And it has also hurt us as men. 

As male leaders, many of us feel isolated and alone. Our ability to create impact and our ability to be connected and fulfilled are limited by ties to these old models – both conscious and unconscious.

We’re unlocking and integrating men’s potency and sensitivity, fire and heart.

Our mission with LIT is threefold –

1. To Create Integrated Leaders. Emerging and established male leaders are propelled to greater levels of impact, thriving, responsibility, and balance.
2. To Create Real-World Results. They achieve tangible results through real-world projects that contribute to their lives, relationships, organizations, and communities.
3. To Create Brotherhood. Male isolation is replaced with brotherhood – a sense of deep mutual trust, love, and support – so we're leading together instead of alone, in collaboration with people of all genders, and in service of a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world.

What is LIT?

Our Leadership Integration Training, when taken after our Men’s Leadership Intensive, is designed to help men integrate and stabilize the insights and expansions from the weekend into their lives.

For all who enroll, LIT is about translating men’s full leadership potential into the reality of their lives.

It is –

  • 6 months long
  • Virtual – Participants can join from anywhere in the world.
  • Project-based – Participants design relationship projects, self-care projects, business and purpose projects that meaningfully stretch them.
  • With the scaffolding and support of LIT, they pursue their projects while learning and embodying Integrated Male Leadership so they can be the best versions of themselves.

All of this happens in a community of powerful support and collaboration.

Who is LIT For?

LIT is for men who are committed to being better men and better leaders.

Leadership begins within, with a full authorship of your own life. If you are not leading your life, who is?

From there, leadership expands outward to every layer and dimension of your life: intimate relationship, family, work, community, country, the planet.

Every man who devotes himself to the path of leadership has faced monumental challenges and burdens. You may be in the thick of it right now – facing grief, rage, despair, confusion, and isolation. We welcome your rawness.

We also welcome your sense of superiority, your unbridled ambition, your most tender desires, and all other parts of you. Through full ownership of all of your parts, an alchemy takes place. Deep within the burdens you’ve been carrying lies gold.

If you’re a man with a beating heart and a burning desire to make the world a better place, you will be fully met here.

Men of all backgrounds belong in LIT. Learn more about diversity and inclusion in the Brotherhood Community here.

"I'm psyched to be learning from three mentors I really look up to as men. It's been really valuable to have this masculine incubator for crucial parts of my self."

How Does LIT Work?

We achieve our aims through the following four components –

1) Real-World Leadership Projects – You will be take on multiple real-world projects during this training that stretch you in the areas of life and dreams that matter most to you.

2) Integrated Leadership Teachings – There is a strong educational component to LIT. In a series of 12 teaching calls, we will present a comprehensive framework for integrated leadership.

3) Small Group Coaching – In these potent monthly calls you will get personal attention from a master coach to gain insight and forward your projects, while bonding with the other men.

4) Partnering – Our rotating partnering system gives you specific guidance for how to give and receive support each week with another man in the training.

Through these four components, over 6 months, you will significantly develop your capacities as a leader and create tangible results in your life.

What Does the Training Cover?

Our teaching calls will cover the following topic areas –

Month 1: Your Map and Your Compass. You will create a next-level vision for who you are as a man and a leader and receive elegant tools to design real-world projects that meaningfully stretch you.

Months 2-3: Foundational Leadership Capacities. You will receive a new internal operating system that will make you a stronger, clearer, more effective, more inspired, and more resilient leader.

Months 4-5: Dimensions of Leadership. This is where you will learn our unique model of Integrated Male Leadership and discover the shifts and transformations available through it.

Month 6: Your Full Leadership Expression. You will see how everything we’ve covered culminates in an ability to make exponential impact by bringing your full individual expression into mission-driven collaboration.

"LIT is like an academy for male self-actualization skills."

"I'm learning a s***-ton. The lessons we're learning are so damn important. I'm realizing that I am undergoing an evolution into learning what it means to be a man... this material is deeply valuable."

Who Leads This Training?

Teaching calls and small group coaching calls will be led by Robert Schwenkler, Peter Rubin, and Joshua Hathaway – three masterful coaches and facilitators who are the co-founders of the Brotherhood Community. Learn more about them here.

In addition, leading-edge guest teachers will be brought in to speak about special topics such as Feminine Leadership, Social Justice Leadership, and Discovering Your Leadership Comfort Zone. 

What Makes LIT Unique?

While men's leadership trainings of this caliber are rare, especially at an affordable sliding-scale price point, what's completely unique is the set of distinctions we've created around Integrated Male Leadership. No other program so thoroughly unlocks men’s potency and sensitivity, fire and heart.

For more about what makes the Brotherhood Community unique, read more here.

What is the Investment?

Financial Investment

The full investment for LIT is $500/month. We adjust this price with an income-based sliding scale in order to make this training significantly more accessible to men. (Sliding scale price chart here.)

Men who have not been through our Men's Leadership Intensive are required to sign up for a $200 LIT Quickstart Session – a 90-minute small group session with the leadership that is designed to give you a breakthrough in your identity as a man and a leader and sync you up with other men who have been through the Intensive.

Time Investment

Expect to spend up to 2 hours per week on calls (teaching or coaching + partnering), and at least as much time into your projects. You will choose projects that you're excited about and may already be working on, so LIT is not so much an additional thing to add to your busy life, but a way to amplify your impact.

Is There a Guarantee?

We guarantee that if you lean into the structures and support we offer and take action on your projects, your life will change for the better.

If at any point during the program you’re not feeling you’re getting your money’s worth, talk with us. If you’re doing your work and it’s not working for you, we’ll gladly refund the difference between what you paid and the value you’ve gotten.

"The facilitation is so f***ing good."

"I feel way more in touch with my integrity and value."

What Do I Get, Again? 

LIT is the space where you will…

  • Be held in a powerful container with other trustworthy men...
  • Allow your outdated worldviews to transform...
  • Learn our new model of Integrated Male Leadership…
  • Rebuild yourself as the man and leader who you truly are…
  • And make the soul-driven impact you are here to make in this world!

The training includes:

  • 12X 75-minute Experiential Teaching Calls (two each month) that will give you a new leadership operating system to work from.
  • 6X 60-minute Small Group Coaching Calls (one each month) that will help you get traction on your projects and live your best life.
  • Weekly Partnering Calls and Assignments to provide accountability and additional connection and support.

What is the Next Step?

The Leadership Integration Training is not for everyone. It requires significant energetic, financial, and emotional investment to participate. 

But, if your heart yearns for more in every area of your life… If you’re ready to do what it takes to create deep and lasting change in your life, work, and relationships… If the thought of leaning into your edge and stepping into greater leadership has you feel more alive and brings butterflies to your belly, then let’s talk!

Your next step is to apply below.

From there we’ll connect on a call for a zero-pressure exploration of whether the Leadership Integration Training is the right fit for you.

(The application is brief and engaging, and will take you just 10-20 minutes) 


"LIT has kept connected to an amazing group of men and continued to explore questions I wouldn't ask myself."

"I had no idea what to expect... LIT has provided really great tools to step into a situation as my strongest self."