Do You Get How Much this World Needs You?

Take a long, slow deep breath and center yourself.

Thank you for staying open as we invite you into a worldview that may be different than the one you’re holding now.

We are living in pivotal times.

Climate change is cooking us alive. According to the latest United Nations report, if we don’t make radical changes in the next 12 years, scientifically speaking, we’re f*&$’d.

Politics in the U.S. and across the globe are more polarized than ever, while a new wave of social movements – most notably #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter – are leveraging technology to give voice to long-oppressed people.

As a man and a leader, how are you feeling in these pivotal times?

Are you feeling scared, confronted, and overwhelmed?
Are you feeling numb, or checked-out?
Are you feeling engaged, fired up to make a change, and hopeful that a better world is possible?

In the face of these feelings, how are you showing up?

Are you avoiding the news entirely, burying your head in the sand, doing nothing?
Are you consuming so much information that you’re drowning in the pain?
Are you deliberate about staying informed, and strategic about your action?

You are needed now, more than ever.

There is truly no one else like you on the planet, never has been, and never will be.

Your unique gifts hold a necessary key to human harmony and progress. We’re counting on you to open doors that no one else can.

There are literally people in your life who will suffer if you opt out.

You matter. Your efforts matter. Every day, we need you to be opening your heart fully and devoting yourself to your highest mission.

The good news is, you don’t have to carry the weight of responsibility alone.

Your individual impact is magnified when it’s aligned with others.

The age of individual empires is over.

Only through aligned efforts based on common values will we achieve a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world.

Who is Calling You Forth Into Collaborative Leadership for a Better World?

Brotherhood Community_MLI_Sept 2018 - 25 of 648.jpg

Who are the people in your life with shared values and complementary missions?
…and are they really going for it, or just paying lip service to a higher cause?

Who is consistently holding you to your highest potential?
…and are they seeing you fully, speaking their truth, and taking courageous risks for you?

If you crave more fiercely loving support in your life, then read on.

The Legendary Year of Brotherhood is a year-long academy that is designed to bring out the very best in you and the other leaders in the program.

You will become the man and leader you were born to be – one who serves joyfully and powerfully, lives with his heart wide open, and makes a massive difference for those around him – all while manifesting his own dreams and desires.

And if you’re already that man, you will embody him on even deeper levels.

The Legendary Year of Brotherhood launches in March, 2019.

…and be among the first to know when enrollment opens!

The Legendary Year of Brotherhood Has Two Main Thrusts

(Because every man loves some good thrusting, right? 😉)

They are:
1) Epic Brotherhood
2) Developing New Paradigm Kings

Thrust #1: The Unparalleled Awesomeness of Brotherhood

Brotherhood Community Men's Leadership Intensive_March 2018 - 94.jpg
Brotherhood Community Men's Leadership Intensive_March 2018 - 146.jpg

The most challenging journey a man can make is the 18 inches from his head to his heart.

Too many of us feel lonely, isolated, and stressed in a culture that puts immense pressure on us to succeed and provide.

It doesn’t matter how successful we appear on the surface. For many of us, our income and impact never feel like enough – we’re stuck on a hamster wheel of our own striving.

No matter our sexual orientation, most of us struggle to create true emotional intimacy in our partnerships and friendships. We may revert to porn, alcohol, drugs, work, sex, etc. to distract us from the void inside.

In our moments of lucidity, when we’re really honest with ourselves, we realize that we’ve carefully constructed our lives to distract us from what’s really going on inside our hearts.

And too often the people who are so often experiencing the exact same things in their lives are those we’re least willing to confide in – the men around us.

But our brothers are here to support us, challenge us, and hold us accountable...

If we let them.


Through brotherhood, so many good things happen:

  • Deeper Intimacy – We increase our capacity for intimacy and love in all of our relationships.

  • Better Sex – Our sex lives improve because we’re fully embodied, open-hearted, and truly present with our partners.

  • Self-Respect – We develop the self-respect to speak our truth, ask for what we need, and be our own best friends no matter what.

  • Magnetic Confidence – As we walk through the world with confidence, that which we used to seek now seeks us.

  • 24/7 Support – We are always just one group text away from getting support when we need it.

  • Eradicating Loneliness – Being alone becomes a choice rather than a prison we’re trapped in.

  • Empathy Badassery – When we’re resourced, we can afford to listen and empathize more deeply. We earn others’ trust, appreciation, and respect.

  • Liberation from Addiction – When we stop wasting energy on our addictions and distractions, we have more fuel to pursue our purpose and realize our dreams.

  • Better Health – We’re healthier and more energized because our brothers help us stay accountable to healthy habits and fitness commitments and goals.

  • Reaching Goals – We can’t hide. We’re continually honed and aligned to our most potent essence and we’re held accountable to our goals, so we actually reach them.

  • Thriving Life – We have a solid foundation for thriving in every area of our lives.

Thrust #2: Be a New Paradigm King

Brotherhood Community Men's Leadership Intensive_March 2018 - 651.jpg
Brotherhood Community_MLI_Sept 2018 - 89 of 648.jpg

“One of the greatest problems of history is that the concepts of love and power are usually contrasted as polar opposites…. What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive and that love without power is sentimental and anemic.” – Martin Luther King Junior

Power is not a dirty word.

It is not the truly powerful men who do the most damage in our society. It is the weak men – those who are too scared to explore the depths of their own hearts and psyches. Unfortunately, many of these weak men are holding positions of high authority.

We need conscious and principled men to claim their power, step up, and be New Paradigm Kings of their own lives and in the world – collaborating with other Kings, Queens, and royalty of all genders.

A New Paradigm King leads his own life and engages with the issues of our time with a wide open heart, devotion to service, and a full expression of his power.

A New Paradigm King:

  • Leads with joy

  • Shows up with full presence in his relationships and sexuality

  • Pursues a clear and compelling mission in his work

  • Stewards wealth while giving generously

  • Contributes selflessly to his community while taking exquisite care of himself

  • Wields influence around causes that matter to him

  • Comes from a place of deep listening and collaboration.

A shift in identification will initiate powerful tangible changes in your life.

How you see yourself shapes what’s possible for you. Even a slight shift in identity – from a disempowered sense of self to an empowered one – will initiate a cascade of positive changes in every area of life.

Beginning to embody New Paradigm Kingship may be one of the most potent inner shifts you can make – your own happiness and capacity for impact will grow exponentially.

New Paradigm Kings are culture creators who are aware of the most pressing social and environmental issues of our time and engage with them head-on.

They unwind their own internalized prejudices and places of numbness. They are continually listening, open to being refined and sharpened by the friction of feedback, adjusting their positions, and admitting when they’re flat-out wrong.

They don’t shy away from the world’s problems, and lead us all towards win-for-all solution.

They plant the seeds of a healthier culture – whether that’s the culture of masculinity at large or a new culture in their field of expertise.

The Legendary Year of Brotherhood is a deep-dive into New Paradigm Kingship.

At a weekend workshop or a festival experience like Burning Man, you get to taste a new paradigm for a week at most.

This academy is about far more than that – it’s about you discovering your unique expression of New Paradigm Kingship and building habits so you stay a king for the rest of your life.

Here’s to you becoming the New Paradigm King you were born to be!

Now that we’ve explored the two thrusts of the Legendary Year of Brotherhood, let’s get into the academy itself.


Who Is This Academy For?

Brotherhood Community Men's Leadership Intensive_March 2018 - 184.jpg
Brotherhood Community Men's Leadership Intensive_March 2018 - 224.jpg

We welcome a diversity of men.

We’re committed to this being a safe and inclusive space for self-identified men of all ethnicities, orientations, religions professions, and ideological backgrounds.

As a leadership team, we’re actively committed to our own diversity training, and we partner with diverse guest speakers and facilitators – especially around social justice issues – so every man can see his identity represented within the leadership of this academy.

It is for Emerging and Established male leaders.

Emerging male leaders are new to this type of academy. They’re excited about personal development, are ready for more hot and healthy relationships, and are launching their purpose-driven careers.

Established male leaders have experienced success in their businesses and careers, are leaders in their fields, and have often taken the journey of fatherhood. They have done a lot of work on themselves, yet are committed to the infinite process of growth.

We’ve seen over and over again the synergy of brotherhood between men of differing maturity levels. Peer relationships and mentorship naturally emerge in mutually-fulfilling ways.

We only take high-integrity men who are committed as f#!@.

  • If you are willing to be called out on your bulls#!@ – held accountable to your own values and your impact on others…

  • If you are seriously committed to making your unique contribution to a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world…

  • If you are yearning to be deeply connected to other men and embedded in a powerful community where your are seen, loved, and honed into their highest expression…

  • If you’re at a point in your life where you’re ready for new ideas, new connections, and a new operating system for being a man and a leader in the world…

  • If you’re ready to commit balls-out to this yearlong academy

Then this academy may be just what you’re needing.

Who Leads This Academy?

The Legendary Year of Brotherhood is co-led by the co-founders of the Brotherhood Community.

We have been involved in men's work for a collective 35 years, and each bring our own flavor of mastery to make this one of the most legendary men’s programs on the planet.

Brotherhood Community Men's Leadership Intensive_March 2018 - 757.jpg

“I’m Peter and I’m here to hold and guide you.

As a sensitive open-hearted man, master coach, and lead designer and facilitator of this academy, I’m here to ensure that you’re impeccably supported and brilliantly guided throughout this journey. I’ve been accused of having “a crazy encyclopedic knowledge of personal growth” and look forward to drawing on it to deliver lightning-hot insights while holding you in love and care.

“I’m Robert and I’m here to connect you to your deepest truth.”

My purpose on this earth is to connect men to their divinity – the state of being where you fully embody the difference you were put on this earth to make. I believe that this world needs nothing less than the full integration of your most primal aliveness and potency and your deepest sensitivity and emotionality.

Brotherhood Community Men's Leadership Intensive_March 2018 - 815.jpg
Brotherhood Community Men's Leadership Intensive_March 2018 - 764.jpg

“I’m Joshua and I’m here to light you the f*&% up!”

You were not meant to merely gather and share the light of others, but to shine your own brilliance. And in order to do that, you must be willing to burn in the fires of transformation. As a Transformational Trickster, Trainer, Coach, proud father, and creator of No Bullsh!t Communication, authenticity and play are my M.O. Prepare to have your bullsh!t gently and humorously dismantled, my friend!

“I’m a guest facilitator and I’m here to offer diverse perspectives.”

In addition to our core team, we will be bringing in guest speakers and facilitators who are leaders in their fields, and will bring their wisdom to various conversations throughout the year – particularly around social change.


What’s Involved in the Legendary Year of Brotherhood?

You and your fellow New Paradigm Kings will…

Train together on group calls.
These twice-monthly video calls are the drumbeat of the academy. You’ll be led through engaging, revealing, and memorable conversations that will connect you with your fellow men and contribute to your growth and development as a leader.

Connect individually each week.
You’ll have powerful 1:1 accountability conversations each week with another man in the academy, and receive optional monthly coaching sessions from us, the co-founders of the Brotherhood Community, to accelerate your growth.

Gather in-person at Legendary Men’s Weekends.
You’ll have an opportunity to come out to California for two weekend intensives and one legendary camping trip. These are epic adventures that you don’t want to miss.

Take real-world action.
This academy is not theoretical. You’ll be given Living Leadership Challenges that get you out into the world and taking risks of the heart, stretching you to be the man you want to be.

Upgrade your lives in a major way.
You’ll be strategically taking action in the areas of your life that matter most to you and creating real, tangible results in your life. You’ll be in 4-month modules on:

  1. Money, Work, and Value

  2. Sex, Relationships, and Pleasure

  3. Leadership, Spirituality, and Impact

Make a difference for others.

You’ll up-level your real-world impact by contributing to your fellow New Paradigm Kings, supporting your friends and loved ones, and serving your communities.

Bottom line? You’ll create rock hard results in every area of your life.

 Here Are the Good Things Coming…


Up-level Your Money, Work, and Value

Value yourself fully and unleash your unique genius, no matter your profession.

After our Money, Work, and Value module, you’ll be more on-purpose, tapped into your passion, rooted in your unique gifts and strengths, and enjoying the rewards – more money, ease, and joyful progress towards your dreams.

To support you as a New Paradigm King ruling the Kingdom of your finances, you’ll receive life-changing perspectives on wealth creation, productivity and creativity, and professional fulfillment.


Up-level Your Sex, Relationships, and Pleasure

Own that you’re sexy AF and open up to all the connection and pleasure available to you as a man.

After our Sex, Relationships, and Pleasure module, you’ll be a communication ninja, bringing your full authentic self into relationships, exploring the trustworthy potency of your dark side, and showing up as a consensual New Paradigm King both in and out of the bedroom.

And quite likely having the best sex of your life.


Up-level Your Leadership, Spirituality, and Impact

Get clear on your legacy, deepen your spiritual connection, and make your New Paradigm impact.

In your Leadership, Spirituality, and Impact module you’ll receive valuable leadership feedback from your fellow men. You’ll wake up to social and environmental issues, and decide what actions you’re going to take as a New Paradigm King.

In the end, you’ll become the change you wish to see in the world – powerfully on track to your greatest impact.


Up-level Your Health, Happiness, and Thriving

Feel better than ever!

Through embodiment practices, consistent connection and support, pursuing your dream, and being accountable to your health-related goals and commitments, you will feel better than ever.

You’ll feel strong, clear-headed, open-hearted, and a full “yes” to life. Through adventures and play, there will be moments you’ll feel like a little boy again, in the best possible way.

If this ends up being the best year of your life, blame us for it!


What’s the Investment?

Your Legendary Year of Brotherhood is custom-built. You might think of it like building your own (life transforming!) sushi bowl.

Everyone gets their rice and protein – the Core Academy – and you can up to 8 add-ons. The more add-ons you add, the more you save, up to 25% if you say “yes” to them all.

Read about the ingredients below, then discover your price in the spreadsheet below.

We’re giving you this information to whet your appetite. The next step is to have a deeper conversation to get crystal clear on what’s of highest service to you and your dreams.

Your Legendary Menu

The Core Academy. The core 12-month online academy consists of twice monthly group calls, weekly accountability partner calls, assignments and challenges, and assessments along the way to keep you on track. It’s the slow-and-steady progression of brotherhood and training that will end up changing your entire operating system as a man and a leader. Investment:

– Add-ons –

Individual Coaching (Up to 2X). Each month, receive a potent 45-minute coaching session plus check-ins with one of the co-founders of the Brotherhood Community. Or double it for twice the session time! Pick your coach, or rotate throughout the year.

The Balls-Out Accelerator (Up to 3X). Each 90-day Balls-Out Accelerator gives you an extra boost to create massive real-world results by designing and executing on a project of your choice around business, career, relationship, finances, fitness, personal growth, or any area that is meaningful to you. Includes 4X group strategy sessions, 3X individual coaching sessions, and tools and scaffolding for project success.

Legendary Mens’ Weekends (Up to 2X). These powerful weekends in Berkeley, California are designed to facilitate deep connection, transform your leadership, and invite unbridled play. Legendary is the only word for these experiences. We recommend signing up for both.

The Legendary Men’s Camping Trip. Get outdoors with the Brotherhood Community and bond in the transformative context of nature, with facilitated conversations about masculinity and leadership.

To celebrate the launch of this new academy,
we are offering an additional 10% Early Adopter Discount
to the first 8 men who sign up.

(Open the Google Sheet and follow the instructions)

Praise from Past Graduates 

The Legendary Year of Brotherhood is a new academy based on learnings from other powerful online programs that we’ve offered. Here’s what graduates of those program had to say –


"It was a powerful experience. I was put into a leadership academy and brotherhood. I learned what my version of an honorable leader is, and I am very much showing up that way in my life. I can thank the program for giving me inspiration to become a leader in my family, in my work as a coach, in my romantic relationships, and frankly in EVERY relationship I'm in. The lessons I took from this course fortified my character and wholeness as a man, and I am showing up different with every person I've been with since I took the course. If you want to find your OWN version of leadership and strength as a male, then this program will provide you with endless value."

– Mike Mantell, Agent of Cultural Change

“I feel way more in touch with my integrity and value.”

“This program has kept connected to an amazing group of men and continued to explore questions I wouldn’t ask myself.”

“I had no idea what to expect... this program has provided really great tools to step into a situation as my strongest self.”

“It’s like an academy for male self-actualization skills.”

“It’s been really valuable to have this masculine incubator for crucial parts of my self.”

“The facilitation is so f***ing good.”

“I’m learning a s***-ton. The lessons we’re learning are so damn important. I’m realizing that I am undergoing an evolution into learning what it means to be a man... this material is deeply valuable.”

The Legendary Year of Brotherhood launches in March, 2019.

…and be among the first to know when enrollment opens!


What Makes This Academy Unique?

Putting brotherhood first is a radical act.

Unlike other programs and trainings that focus on personal or spiritual development with community as an afterthought, our academy is centered on building genuine community.

While status quo culture says that achieving greatness leads to happiness, we’re flipping the script and providing a space of belonging and connection. We know through experience that this is the basis for true success and thriving as a man.


We do brotherhood better than anybody.

Developing brotherhood seems simple, but it actually isn't. In our collective 35 years of transformational work, we have discovered and honed a set of cultural norms and behaviors that allow men to bond and thrive together. You could think of it as a Brotherhood Technology.

The way we approach brotherhood is nourishing, potent, and life-affirming.

“Brotherhood first” changes how this whole academy feels and operates.

We’re here to create more leaders, not more followers. You’ll emerge as the New Paradigm King who you truly are, not some carbon copy of someone else.

Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, a culture of mutual support between you and your brothers creates previously unseen levels of power, synergy, and opportunity for everyone.

You’ll be an active participant in planting the seeds of a more connected culture and a new paradigm of masculine leadership.

Together, we’re redefining the culture of masculinity on this planet.

The Legendary Year of Brotherhood delivers on its name.

Through real-world action, vulnerability, play, and shared experiences, you’ll create results in your life that you didn’t even realize were possible.

You’ll emerge more connected to other men, more grounded in your own truth, and more thriving in your life than you’ve ever been before.


The Legendary Year Guarantee

We know it's a big leap to commit to a year-long experience like this. So we want to eliminate the risk for you.

Men who go through our trainings say that they are priceless, life-changing, and worth multiple times more than they invested. But don't take our word for it...

We are so confident that the Legendary Year of Brotherhood will be truly legendary, we are putting our skin in the game and offering a guarantee.

At the end of your first 4-month module, if you engaged fully and still feel that you got less value out of it than you paid for, tell us how much it was worth to you and why, and we will gladly refund you the difference and allow you to step away if you wish. No argument. No hard feelings.


 The Legendary Year of Brotherhood launches in March, 2019.

…and be among the first to know when enrollment opens!