We think you're awesome and we want you to know it.
We believe in you and your dreams, and yet we dare you to dream even bigger.
We see you as a good man, even when you fuck up royally.
We also hold you to learning from your mistakes (because we all make them), and using the lessons as fuel for evolution.
We hold you as a leader who’s capable of far more than you know.
We honor your manly manliness, and your feminine side, and the little boy inside you.
We care about you, because you’re one of our brothers.
We love you, even though we’ve barely just met.

Brother, we see you. We feel you. We’re here to support you.

We men can get a little off-course sometimes.

Sometimes it's hard to get out of bed. Sometimes we forget who we are. Sometimes we hurt people we love. Sometimes we're very hard on ourselves…

From “hard on yourself” to “hard-on for life” is what we're after!

Some days you just need a little encouragement. Some “man love” so to speak.

Well, we got you. We're here to bring you – and all men – a whole lot more man love. It’s our job.

We KNOW you've got this, and we've got your back.

So, how cool would it be if every other day you got a note in your inbox that celebrates you, just like we’re celebrating you now?

With M.A.N. Notes you can!

Who Are We?

We’re Peter, Joshua, and Robert, co-founders of the Brotherhood Community – an organization dedicated to developing men to be the most potent and loving leaders they can be, across all areas of their lives.

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And it’s not just us talking. We’re channeling this shit! It’s us and all the sky gods cheering you on!

What you get with M.A.N. Notes –

Every Monday and Thursday you'll get a note in your inbox from the MAN-iverse (that’s us + the sky gods). 

It'll be compact. Like a protein bar packed with manly goodness. You can read it on your phone while taking your morning dump. You can smile and move on with your day feeling that much lighter and stronger.

The notes are like this –

Hey Man,

Know what the people around you want more than anything? More than you providing for them. More than you earning money, being good at sex, impressing them with your skills or abilities, knowing a lot about craft beers, or any of the other things you fill the time up with.

They want to feel your heart.

What’s one way you can give it to them more fully today?

Open-heartedly Yours,

The Maniverse

Consider –

What if everything you want is inside of you, or just within arm's reach?
What if life didn't have to be such a struggle, but could be easy for a change?
What if you could feel a little less alone and a little more connected and supported?
What if all you need to do right now is take the next tiny step?

And last but not least…

What if your dick could talk? What would it have to say?

These are deep questions, my friend!
There is so much more to contemplate!

So let’s fucking do this, and here’s why –

  • It costs nothing, and if you don’t like it, you can always unsubscribe.

  • We're gonna speak to your masculine soul.

  • We're gonna light you up and make you smile.

  • You’ll feel more connected to a global community of men with shared values.

  • We'll share little stories. Little encouragements. You’ll love ‘em!

  • They'll be highly digestible and gluten-free. You'll enjoy the taste. Just a tad sweet. If you’re vegetarian, they’ll be made of pea protein. If you’re a carnivore, they’ll be a blend of buffalo and bacon. It all depends on what you like…

So, enough of the ridiculousness already!

Sign up here, amigo, and get the next man bar of awesomeness delivered directly to your inbox.

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Oh yeah, and what does M.A.N. stand for?

MANifesting Awesomeness Now.

Of course.

See you in your inbox.
See you in the MANiverse.
See you in the life of your wildest dreams!

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