We invite you to slow down and imagine…

It’s mid-June and you’re feeling nervous and excited to meet a group of men you've never met before…

Traveling to Santa Cruz, California, you make your way to a beautiful property in the mountains. As you settle in and start getting to know the other men, you realize that they’re warm-hearted, purpose-driven, and just as excited as you are to be there.

Over the course of the weekend you are led through deep transformational processes that connect you to your greatest vision as a leader, as well as to the emotions you’ve been pushing down – anger, grief, fear, and shame – so they can be converted into power that serves your life.

But it’s not all deep and serious! You’re enjoying conversations over meals, going to the beach, and playing harder than you may have played in years. You’re cultivating friendships, some of which will change the course of your life.

Back into the transformational crucible, you’re dropping layer after layer of conditioning – in other words, everything that isn't you – and what is emerging is a powerful, activated, fully-expressed new version of who you are. You as a leader. 

You’re more relaxed, you’re full of energy, and you’re alive with purpose as the other men are encouraging you, supporting you, and seeing you for who you truly are. You’re offering the same to them.

As the weekend comes to a close, you say your goodbyes and make plans to connect again soon with the other men.

In just three days, something deep within you shifted. Your body feels different; your face looks different in the mirror. The transformation is tangible. You realize that a new world of possibility has opened up for you as you move forward with your life, and there’s no turning back…


Welcome to the Brotherhood Community Men’s Leadership Intensive!

If you haven’t already joined us for one of our Free Group Coaching Intros, please do. They are the first step on your leadership path with the Brotherhood Community.

If you’ve already been on a call, and are considering joining us for our next intensive, read on and we’ll share all the details about what you can expect.

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About the Intensive

What is it?

The Brotherhood Community Men’s Leadership Intensive is a training that propels men into the next level of leadership in every area of their lives. We accomplish this transformation through expertly-guided processes and coaching in a community of growth-oriented men. And we do it in a way that’s both potent and playful – it is truly unlike any other training we’ve experienced.

Who is it for?

This intensive is for you if…

  • You’re hungry for growth and feel called to be met, held, and challenged by a community of men.
  • You’re being invited to wake up by hard circumstances in your life (for instance – relationship or work challenges, money or health issues, transitions of all kinds).
  • You’re stuck at a plateau in your performance, and you’re ready to break through.
  • Your vision for your life is currently foggy, unclear, or seemingly-unattainable and you’re ready to see it, own it, and rock it.
  • You’re excited to embody your next level of leadership so you can have a greater impact with far more ease and enjoyment.

Is The Brotherhood community inclusive?

Yes! We are an inclusive community of self-identifying men of all ages, ethnicities and races, sexual orientations, economic statuses, and nationalities who are committed to creating a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world. More on diversity and inclusion here.

What are the results?

Coming out of the weekend, you will have –

  • A new expanded vision for your life and for the world.
  • Healing and resolution around some of the deepest emotional blocks and unconscious patterns that were holding you back in every area of your life..
  • Access to your full aliveness, freedom, and self-expression!
  • Deep and authentic connections with the other men – some of which will change the course of your life.
  • Greater leadership presence – leading with an open-hearted trust and confidence, balancing power and sensitivity in a way is uniquely yours.
  • An energetic blueprint for thriving in every area of your life – relationships and sex, career and money, family and friendships, health and fitness, spirituality…
  • An ignited sense of purpose and capacity for action – as well as specific action items to take as soon as you get home.

Past participants of the Brotherhood Community Men’s Leadership Intensive have achieved results in specific areas of their life as a direct result of coming to the intensive –

Career and Money"My business is successful! I transitioned from being an employee to turning my former company into the biggest client in my new business. The catalyst? Simply having the balls to have the conversation and ask for what I wanted.”

Relationships and Sex "Things are better than ever with my wife. Our communication has deepened quite a lot in a very short amount of time. In a year’s time from now I can’t even imagine.”

Friendships With Other Men "I’ve always considered myself someone who doesn’t show emotion freely and this has been a really good space for me to connect on a deeper level. Allowing the guys to see who I really am instead of a facade or an emotionless robot.”

Self-Worth and Self-Expression "People are telling me I’m changing. They are telling me I’m expressing myself better. Telling me I’m speaking in a way they’ve never heard me speak before. It’s powerful stuff.”


What is our unique approach?

Having been involved in men’s work for a collective 35 years, we’ve been to a lot of great workshops, but none have realized what we know is possible.

The Brotherhood Community Men’s Leadership Intensive cultivates an exquisite balance of both masculine and feminine energies, and does so in a highly potent and playful way.

Our training is full of innovative tools and processes that we’ve developed through a synthesis our leadership’s unique perspectives and bodies of experience with men’s work.

No one else offers a training that’s as effective at cultivating Integrated Male Leaders – men who are purpose-driven and other-minded...

Men who are potent and attuned.

Men who are unstoppable forces of nature and who live with hearts so wide open that everyone around them can’t help but be transformed by their presence.

Men who create, live, and love like there’s no tomorrow.

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The Final Details

When is it?

3 days and 2 nights in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA – September 7th through 9th, 2018

What does the program cost?

The tuition for this program is $1,000 to $1,750. This includes food and accommodation for the weekend.

We adjust the price with an income-based sliding scale in order to make the intensive significantly more accessible to men. Sliding scale price chart here.

Do you Offer Discounts?

→ Sign up before July 20th and get the $100 early bird discount PLUS the Brotherhood Community will donate $100 to a charity or cause of your choice!

Sign up before August 17th and get the $100 early bird discount.

Diversity Partnerships

We are also piloting Diversity Partnerships – intended for men of color who are interested in our intensives and are passionate about social justice. Learn more here.

Where is the intensive held?

We’re holding our September 2018 intensive at a beautiful property in the Santa Cruz mountains.

How many men will be there?

We are limiting enrollment to just 12 men.

MONDAY Integration Day  (Optional, but highly recommended!)

Many men struggle to give themselves adequate self-care. Instead of jumping right back into work on Monday, we invite you to come down pleasurably with us!

On Sunday night we'll all go out to Ecstatic Dance, bringing all the potent male energy we cultivated into movement, play, and pleasurable connections with the beautiful Santa Cruz dance community. We'll get a good night's sleep, and on Monday we'll have brunch, pack up, and head to Kiva Hot Springs where we'll soak and relax for the day.

Men have said this integration day was what enabled them to fully assimilate what they gained from the weekend, avoid crashing, and have a high-performing rest of the week. It's also a special way to connect as men without being in the roles of facilitator and participant.

Cost: There's an additional fee of 12% of your sliding scale price for the integration day, which includes everything described above (Ecstatic Dance + Extra Night @ the House + Kiva Admission + Breakfast and Lunch on Monday).


"The integration day was CRUCIAL for me. All of my takeaways, breakthroughs, insights, and emotions that came up throughout the weekend had a chance to sink in. This time was very important for me to connect back into my self before returning to my life." – Mike

"Integration day provided a fantastic buffer for me to simmer everything that I experienced over the weekend. Hard work needs hard rest, and that's what undoubtedly maximized the effectiveness of the retreat for me." – Sanjeev

"I was able to begin actively digesting the weekend and come down pleasurably, instead of crashing. It was also super fun to go out and light up the world with my brothers!" – Anthony

Who leads the weekend?

Learn more about the leadership at our About the Brotherhood Community page.

What comes after the weekend?

We include the Leadership Integration Training (LIT) for FREE as a bonus when you sign up for the Men's Leadership Intensive.


This 30-day virtual training will help you stabilize your new breakthroughs and integrate them into your life through aligned and consistent action. It will provide the necessary structure and accountability for you to begin translating your epic new vision for your life into reality, and keep the connections and inspiration from the weekend alive.

Includes 4X 75-minute live small group training calls with partnership pairings and real-world action to take between calls. Your transformation WILL stick.

This $400-value training is included for free when you enroll in the MLI.

What’s Next?

“If you’re ready for change and transformation in your life then buckle up! If not then this is NOT the place for you. The intensive was transformational for me in ways I have not experienced in any other coaching or counseling setting. It’s a place where men get real and do the difficult work.” – Graduate of the Men's Leadership Intensive

The Men’s Leadership Intensive is not for everyone. It requires significant energetic, financial, and emotional investment to participate.

But, if your heart yearns for more in every area of your life… If you’re ready to do what it takes to create deep and lasting change in your life, work, and relationships… If the thought of leaning into your edge and stepping into greater leadership has you feel more alive and brings butterflies to your belly, then let’s talk!

Your next step is to apply below.

From there we’ll connect on a call for a zero-pressure exploration of whether the Men’s Leadership Intensive is the right fit for you.

(the application is brief and engaging, and will take you just 10-20 minutes)


Praise For the Men's Leadership Intensive

Mind blown, heart open, turned on, feeling POWERFUL, feeling LOVED, and overwhelmed with gratitude.

If you want to have a nice light weekend having fun and chilling with the guys and sipping beers and talking baseball then this is not the weekend for you. This is hard work. But if you are committed and ready to dive deep, deeper than you ever imagined you possibly could to discover things about yourself and see the power in that, then this is for you.

I definitely got what I paid for and more. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I got the sense that this was something that was really important at this point in my life, and boy did you deliver.

I would have paid 4... 5... 6 times as much to come here and get the work done that I got done.

The men they found to attend were amazing and showed up fully to do the work and go places that were not necessarily comfortable - to take risks.

The brotherhood was truly something I haven’t ever really experienced.This weekend took the elements of close male camaraderie and combined it with what it’s like to have friendships that are truly vulnerable, intimate, deep, empowering, emotional, physical....

When we got to the end I was just wide open. Boom.

I was able to see myself, what I wanted, who I was... It was magical, truly.

Did I get my value out of this weekend? I want to say yes, but really it’s a F*** Yes.

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