Who is Leading YOUR Life?

Are you getting the bold results you know deep down are possible in Relationships and Sex, in Money and Purpose, and in Health and Well-Being?

The Men’s Leadership Intensive (MLI) is a world-class leadership training for emerging and established male leaders.

Men today are being called to address – head-on – greater challenges than ever before. The MLI is a unique training ground for men who are committed to tackling their personal, professional, and societal challenges with fierceness, love, and deep integrity.

This training cultivates Integrated Male Leaders – men who have full access to their potency and their hearts. This integration within each man is what will truly make this a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world for everyone.

The quality of participants is extraordinary. Emerging and established male leaders from diverse walks of life from across the world attend the MLI, and show up powerfully for themselves and the other men.

This training is participant-centered and results-driven. Graduates regularly report exponential breakthroughs in money and career, sex and intimacy, clarity and purpose, and of course – brotherhood.

Who Is It For?

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The Men's Leadership Intensive is for you if…

  • You’re hungry for growth and feel called to be met, held, and challenged by a community of men.
  • You’re being invited to wake up by hard circumstances in your life (for instance – relationship or work challenges, money or health issues, transitions of all kinds).
  • You’re excited to embody your next level of leadership so you can have a greater impact with far more ease and enjoyment.

Wherever you're at in your evolutionary journey as a man and a leader, you will be well met here:


Emerging Leaders

  • You struggle with insecurity and are ready to step into more solidity, presence, and confidence in yourself as a man and a leader.
  • Your vision for your life is currently foggy, unclear, or seemingly-unattainable and you’re ready to see it, own it, and rock it.
  • You're feeling the pull toward more purpose-driven work, and may be in the midst of a career transition.

Established Leaders

  • You’re stuck at a plateau in your performance, and you’re ready to break through.
  • You're burned out or on the road to burnout with all the responsibilities you're shouldering. You know you need to create space to be held instead of doing all the holding, reset yourself, and re-assess your vision and commitments.
  • This is not your first rodeo. You know it's time for your next piece of growth, and you have an intuition that we're the ones to do it with.

Is The Brotherhood community inclusive?

Yes! We are an inclusive community of self-identifying men of all ages, ethnicities and races, sexual orientations, economic statuses, and nationalities who are committed to creating a more beautiful, equitable, and sustainable world. More on diversity and inclusion here.


What Are the Results?

Coming out of the weekend, you will have –

  • A new expanded vision for your life and for the world.

  • Healing and resolution around some of the deepest emotional blocks and unconscious patterns that were holding you back in every area of your life..

  • Access to your full aliveness, freedom, and self-expression!

  • Deep and authentic connections with the other men – some of which will change the course of your life.

  • Greater leadership presence – leading with an open-hearted trust and confidence, balancing power and sensitivity in a way is uniquely yours.

  • A blueprint for thriving in every area of your life – relationships and sex, career and money, family and friendships, health and fitness, spirituality…

  • An ignited sense of purpose and capacity for action – as well as specific action items to take as soon as you get home.

Past participants of the Brotherhood Community Men’s Leadership Intensive have achieved results in specific areas of their life as a direct result of coming to the intensive –

Career and Money

“I've just closed the biggest contract of my career – I've made back the cost of the retreat 5x over because I had the mental space and emotional clarity to take the actions I needed to take.”


Relationships and Sex

“I feel even more deeply connected to my sweetheart - we're having the best sex we've ever had.”


Inner Wellbeing

"People are telling me I’m changing. They are telling me I’m expressing myself better. Telling me I’m speaking in a way they’ve never heard me speak before. It’s powerful stuff.”


Friendships With Other Men

"I’ve always considered myself someone who doesn’t show emotion freely and this has been a really good space for me to connect on a deeper level. Allowing the guys to see who I really am instead of a facade or an emotionless robot.”

Who Leads the Intensive?

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The Men's Leadership Intensive is led by Brotherhood Community Co-Founders Robert Schwenkler, Peter Rubin, and Joshua Hathaway. They've been involved in men's work for a collective 35 years, and each bring their own flavor of mastery to make this one of the most balanced and potent transformational men's weekends on the planet.

Learn more about the leadership team here.


What Is Our Unique Approach?

Having been involved in the transformational field for a collective 35 years, we’ve been to a lot of great workshops, but none have realized what we know is possible.

This is why we synthesized the best of men’s work and leadership training with our own unique point of view to create a world-class transformative experience unlike anything else.

We believe the world needs more Integrated Male Leaders – men who are purpose-driven and collaborative, who embody their full potency and sensitivity. Men who live with their hearts so wide open that everyone around them is transformed by their presence. Men who create, live, and love like there’s no tomorrow.

We’ve designed the Men’s Leadership Intensive to connect and empower this emerging force of male leaders.

Where men’s work can be overly heavy, we guide our men courageously into their emotional depths while bringing an exquisite balance of lightness, fun, and play.

Where many leadership trainings are overly heady, we bring leadership into the body. Men walk away with cellular shifts that cause them to effortlessly show up more fully in their relationships, careers, and lives.

Where many weekend workshops get you high and drop you, we include a 30-day online integration training to make sure that the passion and brotherhood that get unlocked in the MLI get infused into every dimension of your life.

The result? We believe the MLI is one of the most potent and comprehensive men’s trainings available anywhere in the world, at any price.

The Details

When is it?

The Men's Leadership Intensive is offered about quarterly. Upcoming dates are…

  • Sept 20-23 in Santa Cruz

  • November 15-18 in Los Angeles

How long is it?

The MLI is a residential intensive lasting 3 days and 2 nights. Participants arrive on Friday mid-day and stay on-site for the weekend. While the intensive officially ends on Sunday evening, many participants stay for an optional Integration Day (more about this below) and head home on Monday afternoon.

Where is the intensive held?

We’re holding our September 2019 intensive at a beautiful property in Santa Cruz, California – a short drive from the gorgeous Monterrey Bay.

How many men will be there?

Transformation happens in an intimate setting where you will have an extremely high level of individual attention. We are limiting enrollment to just 12 men. With three of us co-leading and graduates of the program on staff to support you, the ratio of leadership to participants will be about 1:2. Unlike many other trainings, you will not be lost in the crowd.

What does the program cost?

The full tuition for the intensive is $1,950. This includes food and accommodation for the weekend, plus the bonus Leadership Integration Training. We adjust this price with an income-based sliding scale in order to make the intensive significantly more accessible to men. Sliding scale price chart here.

Diversity Partnerships

We are also piloting Diversity Partnerships – intended for men of color who are interested in our intensives and are passionate about social justice. Learn more here.

Do you offer discounts?


  • Super Decisive MOFO Discount – Not only do you get $100 off tuition, but the Brotherhood Community will match that $100 and donate it to a charity of your choice! Available on a first come, first serve basis (only 4 available) or until 6 weeks out from the Intensive.

  • Decisive MOFO Discount – You get $100 off tuition for the MLI. Available on a first come, first serve basis (only 4 available) or until 3 weeks out from the Intensive.


What comes after the weekend?

Monday Integration Day (optional, but highly recommended!)


Many men struggle to give themselves adequate self-care. Instead of jumping right back into work on Monday, we invite you to come down pleasurably with us!

Men have said this integration day was what enabled them to fully assimilate what they gained from the weekend, avoid crashing, and have a high-performing rest of the week. It's also a special way to connect as men without being in the roles of facilitator and participant.

Cost: There's an additional fee of 12% of your sliding scale price for the integration day.

"The integration day was CRUCIAL for me. All of my takeaways, breakthroughs, insights, and emotions that came up throughout the weekend had a chance to sink in. This time was very important for me to connect back into my self before returning to my life." – Mike

"Integration day provided a fantastic buffer for me to simmer everything that I experienced over the weekend. Hard work needs hard rest, and that's what undoubtedly maximized the effectiveness of the retreat for me." – Sanjeev

"I was able to begin actively digesting the weekend and come down pleasurably, instead of crashing. It was also super fun to go out and light up the world with my brothers!" – Anthony

What comes after that?

We include the Leadership Integration Training (LIT) for FREE when you sign up for the Men's Leadership Intensive. ($400 value)


This 30-day virtual training will help you stabilize your new breakthroughs and integrate them into your life through aligned and consistent action. It will provide the necessary structure and accountability for you to begin translating your epic new vision for your life into reality, and keep the connections and inspiration from the weekend alive.

Includes 4X 75-minute live small group training calls with partnership pairings and real-world action to take between calls. Your transformation WILL stick.

This $400-value training is included for free when you enroll in the MLI.


Extra Bonus: Stunning Portrait Shots! ($250 value)

We've partnered with Stephen Flynn Photography to capture moments and portraits of each of the men, including YOU! After a weekend of shedding your masks and connecting with your most essential self, you'll be beaming and Stephen – a graduate of our MLI – will be there to draw out your authenticity. Great for social media, business, online dating, and remembering this epic weekend!

These portraits valued at $250 are included for free at the MLI.

Ready to Take the Plunge With Us?!

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“If you’re ready for change and transformation in your life then buckle up! If not then this is NOT the place for you. The intensive was transformational for me in ways I have not experienced in any other coaching or counseling setting. It’s a place where men get real and do the difficult work.” – Graduate of the Men's Leadership Intensive

The Men’s Leadership Intensive is not for everyone. It requires significant energetic, financial, and emotional investment to participate.

But, if your heart yearns for more in every area of your life… If you’re ready to do what it takes to create deep and lasting change in your life, work, and relationships… If the thought of leaning into your edge and stepping into greater leadership has you feel more alive and brings butterflies to your belly, then let’s talk!

Your next step is to apply below.

From there we’ll connect on a call for a zero-pressure exploration of whether the Men’s Leadership Intensive is the right fit for you.

(the application is brief and engaging, and will take you just 10-20 minutes)


Praise For the Men's Leadership Intensive

Chen – Powerful Edited.png
Galen – Mind Blown Edited.jpeg
Matthew Anello – Run, Don't Walk.png
Jacob – Sex Edited.jpg

"If you want to have a nice light weekend having fun and chilling with the guys and sipping beers and talking baseball then this is not the weekend for you. This is hard work. But if you are committed and ready to dive deep, deeper than you ever imagined you possibly could to discover things about yourself and see the power in that, then this is for you."

"The brotherhood was truly something I haven’t ever really experienced. This weekend took the elements of close male camaraderie and combined it with what it’s like to have friendships that are truly vulnerable, intimate, deep, empowering, emotional, physical...."

"Did I get my value out of this weekend? I want to say yes, but really it’s a F*** Yes."

Stories from the Men's Leadership Intensive

Watch these short video stories from men who've been transformed by their MLI experience.


The Epic Weekend Guarantee

We know it's a big leap to invest in a training like this. So we want to eliminate the risk for you.

Men who go through the leadership intensive say that it was priceless, life-changing, and worth multiple times more than they invested. But don't take our word for it...

We are so confident that the men's leadership intensive will be totally epic and rock your world, we are putting our skin in the game and offering a guarantee.

If you feel that you got less value out of the experience then you paid for, tell us how much it was worth to you and why, and we will gladly refund you the difference. No argument. No hard feelings.

We hope this helps those of you on the fence feel safe enough to say "yes" to your intuition, even if this is an edgy commitment for you to make! We promise, we've got you.

are You ready to open your heart and unleash your power with us?

(the application is brief and engaging, and will take you just 10-20 minutes)