How to Be More Productive: Grinding vs. Aligning

“Get your hustle on!”

“It takes hard work.”

“The daily grind.

Our culture pedestalizes the value of hard work and consistency over almost anything else. If you’re not “doing” you’re not being effective – you’re not creating results. And results are what matter.

Imagine you walked into a meeting and the facilitator said “Ok, everyone, we’re going to take the first 50% of this meeting to just check in and give support to anyone who needs support.

Not too likely a scenario, and most people would question the judgement of the facilitator.

In this video we talk about Superconductive Flow - the experience of zero resistance. It’s where you get more done, better results, and it happens more joyfully.

“Grinding” is not nearly as powerful as “Aligning”, and in this video we discuss what the difference between the two is and how to shift from the former to the latter to create exponential results with exponentially more joy.