Justice League of Amazing Men: Showing Up in Service of the Feminine

Patriarchal values and systems are the water that we have been raised in and swim in every day. 

It’s a world where values of dominance, control, and achievement are held above all others. 

These qualities, when brought to the world with attunement and compassion, are beautiful and needed. 

But when they come at the expense of listening, empathy, and long-term sustainability, everyone suffers (even if short term results momentarily seem to indicate otherwise). 

As men how could we possibly be more powerful leaders by giving up our “power”?

It’s such a threatening concept to many, many men.

But those men who are ready to evolve to a new level of leadership will see the fallacy in single-sided masculine leadership, and the wisdom that lies beyond. 

This is not us giving our power away, it’s quite the opposite. 

For the men who are ready, this is the skeleton key to powers greater than we could ever have imagined.