True Leaders Create More Leaders (Not More Followers)

A lot of people talk about creating more diverse and equitable organizations that they hold positions of leadership within.

But how many of them do you think truly put their money (and their power) where their mouths are?

From the get-go, one of our core values at the Brotherhood Community has been diversity.

This means diversity of all types, and racial diversity is high on that list for us.

But let's be real. We're 3 straight white dudes, and for all our good intentions the kind of diversity we want to see in our organization has not been reflected in our core leadership.

What this means:

If we are truly committed to a more equitable and diverse world, we need to start with the ground we're standing upon.

In this blog post we want to share (and celebrate!) what's been happening behind the scenes at the Brotherhood Community.

Over the past couple months we've been in talks with Zachary Driver (Shuja De'Peace), a graduate of our Men's Leadership Intensive (MLI), about stepping into core leadership at the Brotherhood Community.

Shuja is a powerful leader in his own right, having achieved his Master’s while incarcerated, and continuing to train in Non-Violent Communication, Somatics and social justice orientated studies upon release from over 8 years of incarceration. (To learn more about Shuja and the rest of our core team click here)

We're excited to announce that he'll be stepping in at our upcoming September MLI in Santa Cruz as part of the core leadership team. If all goes well and as planned we will continue moving forward together spreading the Brotherhood Community's work to more and more men – together.

Joshua and Shuja shot a video for you, where they share what it has meant to walk our walk, share power, and take a tangible step toward creating the diverse and equitable organization and world that we all dream of.

It has not all been easy.

Some of us have been confronted in stepping back and conceding power.

Shuja speaks about places he's had to step up and claim his power.

This is a raw and honest conversation not just about diversity and inclusion within the Brotherhood Community, but about what power actually is, and what it means to claim it as leaders.

If you are also committed to creating a more equitable world you will want to watch this video for the insights it contains into how you can more fully achieve this in your own life and leadership.