What Is Our Men's Leadership Intensive Like?

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We invite you to slow down and imagine…

Traveling to Santa Cruz, California, you make your way to a beautiful property in the mountains. As you settle in and start getting to know the other men, you realize that they’re warm-hearted, purpose-driven, and just as excited as you are to be there. You’re feeling nervous and excited to meet a group of men you've never met before…

Over the course of the weekend you are led through deep transformational processes that connect you to your greatest vision as a leader, as well as to the emotions you’ve been pushing down – anger, grief, fear, and shame – so they can be converted into power that serves your life.

But it’s not all deep and serious! You’re enjoying conversations over meals, going to the beach, and playing harder than you may have played in years. You’re cultivating friendships, some of which will change the course of your life.

Back into the transformational crucible, you’re dropping layer after layer of conditioning – in other words, everything that isn't you – and what is emerging is a powerful, activated, fully-expressed new version of who you are. You as a leader. 

You’re more relaxed, you’re full of energy, and you’re alive with purpose as the other men are encouraging you, supporting you, and seeing you for who you truly are. You’re offering the same to them.

As the weekend comes to a close, you say your goodbyes and make plans to connect again soon with the other men.

In just three days, something deep within you shifted. Your body feels different; your face looks different in the mirror. The transformation is tangible. You realize that a new world of possibility has opened up for you as you move forward with your life, and there’s no turning back…

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