The Visionary Leadership Podcast
Vulnerable Conversations With Extraordinary Leaders


The Visionary Leadership Podcast is a curation of potent conversations between Robert Schwenkler (founder of the Brotherhood Community) and visionary leaders from diverse fields including business, government and politics, military, health and wellness, education, art and culture, environment, personal transformation and spirituality, and more...

Each interviewee is a passionate force for positive social change and brings a unique perspective on how humanity can collaborate and thrive in these times of social challenges, environmental concerns, and rapid change.

They're creating change against odds, devoted to their own process of inner growth, and have far reaching impact.

A Taste of What's in the Works...

  • How to Get Senior-Level Nuclear Weapons Policy Makers from China, Russia, the U.K, and U.S to Talk to One Another (British 3x Nobel Peace Prize Nominee)
  • Talking to the White Right - Meeting the Enemy (Emmy Award Winning Pakistani/Afghani-descent filmmaker)
  • Changing Corporate Culture - Ending Stigma Around Depression and Anxiety in the Workplace (South African former Global VP of HR at $50bn Consumer Goods Corporation)
  • Taking a Stand Against Racism as an Entrepreneur, Even When it Impacts the Bottom Line (American entrepreneur and worldwide Women's Embodiment Leader)
  • Money, Success, and Spirituality (Israeli 8-figure business owner turned Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Seeker)

This podcast is a creation of the Brotherhood Community – a community of men with a core mission to create a more beautiful, sustainable, and equitable world – in collaboration with people of all genders.

The Visionary Leadership Podcast Launches August 2018

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