How to Lead Effectively and Compassionately in the Non-Profit Sector

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Barrie Hathaway

JobTrain’s President and CEO Barrie Hathaway combines his passion for empowering others to succeed with the experience of a seasoned leader. A nearly 20-year veteran of non-profits, Barrie leads JobTrain’s strategic direction, develops growth plans, and guides the management team.

Before stepping into the non-profit world in 2002, Barrie spent nearly two decades as a supply chain management executive in the high technology sector. His work and leadership in non-profits have been often recognized: in 2010, Barrie was named National Social Enterprise Leader of the Year by the Social Enterprise Alliance; he received the Jefferson Award for Nonprofit Leadership in 2012; and was selected for the Tipping Point Community Award in 2015.

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Show Notes

  • Definition of Leadership (5:23)

  • Barrie’s Journey (7:37)

  • The Present and Future of Leadership (21:19)

  • Job Train (27:08)

  • Innovations in Workforce Empowerment (31:12)

  • The Impact of Barrie’s Work (33:08)

  • Integrity. Authenticity, and Truly Listening (41:28

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