How One Man Started a Movement That Feeds Millions Worldwide

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Keith McHenry

Artist and author Keith McHenry helped start Food Not Bombs in Massachusetts in 1980. He has recovered, cooked and shared vegan food with the hungry for over 38 years. Keith has been arrested nearly 100 times for his efforts, spending over 500 nights in jail and at one point faced 25 to life in prison.

Amnesty International declared all Food Not Bombs volunteers "Prisoners of Conscience" in 1994 and worked for Keith's unconditional release. In 2011 Keith spent 18 days in jail for sharing vegan meals in violation of Orlando, Florida's large group feeding law.

Keith has traveled all over the world, speaking at colleges, books stores and cafes. While on tour he joins local Food Not Bombs activists helping them prepare and sharing free vegan meals with the public. He also helps coordinate logistics for the Food Not Bombs movement which is active in over 1,000 cities around the world.

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Show Notes

  • How Keith Began His Work (5:02)

  • Homeless People in The USA (13:55)

  • The Three Guiding Principles Behind Food Not Bombs (30:23)

  • Opting for A Non-Hierarchical Approach (33:20)

  • Anarchism (35:46)

  • The Fall of Berlin Wall, The Internet, and The UN Denouncing the USA (42:32)

  • Enabling People to Become Leaders Themselves (49:39)

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