Leadership with Integrity – Unpacking Racism in Transformational Communities (Ep.6)

Lisa Fabrega

Lisa Fabrega

As a truth-telling coach, writer and an innovator in the realm of leadership, Lisa has devoted her life to helping people get rid of fear, anxiety and self doubt so that they can unleash their inner Gandhi, Mother Teresa or MLK’s and make a powerful impact in the world.

When it comes to doing your great work in the world, Lisa Fabrega has a simple philosophy—every time you hold back, self-sabotage, and keep yourself from stepping into the leadership you know you were born to embody, you are affecting the fate of the world, because you are removing a key player that assists in its evolution—YOU.

One client described her as her “Courage Curator” while others have declared her to be “the secret weapon for the world’s next great thought leaders”. If you know you’re here to do something big in the world, but for reasons you can’t explain, aren’t quite doing it the way you want to, you can visit www.lisafabrega.com for inspiration and to find out more about how to work with her.


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Show Notes

  • Lisa’s Outlook, Her Past and How She Began Her Work (5:27)

  • Why Are Some People More Service-Oriented while Others Act for Themselves? (12:39)

  • Leaders Speaking Out About Difficult Issues and the Fears Associated with Speaking Out (18:56)

  • Addressing Fears Around and Recognizing Mistakes when Discussing Sensitive Issues (22:55)

  • The Transformational Community, Avoidance and Racism (26:43)

  • “Defense is the First Act of War” - Byron Katie (33:20)

  • The Difference Between Holding a Boundary and Tone Policing or Gaslighting (39:43)

  • Strong Shadows that Lisa Has Faced (44:00)

  • The Practical Implications of Compassion, Vulnerability and Taking Responsibility (51:11)

  • The Changing Tide of Compassion (52:49)

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