How to Create Synergy in Spirituality, Success, and Money

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Liya Garber

Liya Garber creates a heart-filled, fun, and joyful way to calm the mind and align with one’s inner truth. Through Kundalini Yoga, she brings a unique and special gift of laughter and humor to every class.

Her yoga journey began in the heart of New York City where she lived a fast-paced life as a business executive. As the stress of this life began to affect her health, Liya turned to yoga and began to heal. The results were undeniable and she has been on a dedicated path of self healing and discovery ever since.

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Show Notes

  • Liya’s Personal Path With Money and Spirituality (3:53)

  • Liya’s Entry Into Teaching Kundalini Yoga (9:39)

  • The Legacy Liya Wants to Create (16:29)

  • Money, Marketing, and Spirituality (19:03)

  • Sexuality and Spirituality (23:07)

  • Leaders Who Are Not Clear and Dominate Vulnerable People (26:19)

  • Empowering Future Leaders (27:59)

  • Significant Turnaround Experiences in Liya’s Life (35:31)

  • Transformation in Liya’s Students (38:12)

  • Humanity and Their Commitment to Growth (40:19))

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