The Soul of Conflict – How to Turn Conflict Into Connection (Ep.3)

Lynne Hurdle-Price

Lynne Maureen Hurdle

Lynne Maureen Hurdle is a communication expert and conflict resolution strategist, facilitator, speaker, and leadership coach with over 35 years of experience in blending the connection between communication, conflict and culture into my unique style of engagement for leaders.

She's the author of the best seller, Closing Conflict for Leaders: How to Be a Bold Leader and Develop a Kick-Ass, High-Functioning, Happy AF Team.

Her expertise is in engaging clients with creative processes designed to create dialogue and teach skills that can be used in the most difficult leadership situations. The belief that helping people transform their lives begins with transforming one's own, led to her well received TEDxWomen talk entitled, “The Weight of Hate.”

Lynne has deliverered her unique trainings, workshops, and deep coaching to leaders from Harlem to Hong Kong and from the South Bronx to South Africa.

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Show Notes

  • Lynne Hurdle-Price’s Pivotal Moment (4:27)

  • How Parenting Changed Lynne’s Approach to Conflict Resolution (11:45)

  • Exploring Our Personal Issues Around Conflict (14:10)

  • How Gaining A Greater Understanding of Ourselves Aids in Conflict Resolution (19:50)

  • Being Objective with Our Needs (22:04)

  • Conflict Resolution for All Relationships (23:47)

  • Teaching Children to Stand Up for Themselves Respectfully (25:58)

  • Parents as Primary Role Models to their Children (28:12)

  • An Example of Handling Parent-Child Conflict (29:59)

  • Taking Responsibility for Your Own Boundaries to Aid Relationships (33:09)

  • Discussing Conflict Management Techniques within Relationships (36:12)

  • Vulnerability in Leaders (40:47)

  • Leaders Who Walk the Talk (45:56)

  • Daryl Davis and His Impact on Lynne (47:35)

  • CORE Skills in Conflict Resolution (52:27)

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