An Episode for Men and Those Confused by Them (Ep.4)


Rob Kandell

Robert Kandell has been helping men find themselves for fourteen years. An expert in interpersonal communication and relationships, he has helped thousands of students find a more balanced, energized life with better relationships, more sex and more happiness.

His coaching style is challenging, fraternal and highly rewarding and definitely not for the faint hearted, he has been described as “part football coach, part loving dad and part slightly crazed drill sergeant”.

He is the host of the highly successes podcast, Tuff Love, and the author of the book, unHIDDEN, A Book for Men and Those Confused by Them.

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Show Notes

  • Robert Kandell’s Research on Modern Men (4:15)

  • Patriarchy and It’s Effects on Men and Their Behavior Today (7:30)

  • Leadership and Emotional Vulnerability (9:46)

  • ‘Masculine’ and ‘Feminine’ Qualities (10:45)

  • Why Men Should Embrace Their Feminine Traits (12:12)

  • Feminine and Masculine In Our Needs and Actions (14:27)

  • Playing A Piano With Only the White Keys, or the Black Keys (16:01)

  • The Impact on Business (16:27)

  • Society’s Suppression of the Feminine in Men (19:00)

  • Robert’s Upcoming Book (21:16)

  • Our Need for Mutually Beneficial Relationships (23:23)

  • Men’s Unawareness of Internal Fear (25:11)

  • The Potential for Optimizing Men’s Internal World (28:08)

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