The Magic of Plus Sized Pole Dancing (Ep.8)

Roz Mays

Roz Mays

In the world of pole fitness, Roz “The Diva” Mays, 31, is an anomaly. At 230 pounds, she’s not the type of woman you’d expect to see spinning on a pole — let alone leading the class. But the certified pole instructor and personal New York City trainer is doing just that.

Roz' work both shatters the notion that athletic ability is at all tied to body size, and confronts the hypersexualization of black women by unapologetically owning her sexuality.

She specializes in making the sport more inclusive of plus size women – teaching in New York City as well as traveling around the country to bring the sport to women through what she describes as “obnoxiously loud classes.” A Roz “The Diva” Mays classroom is all about ditching insecurities and embracing the power of your body.

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Show Notes

  • Roz Mays’ Story (2:56)

  • Working Against Society’s Ways of Making Women Smaller (11:06)

  • Role Models in Helping People With Their Self-Worth (14:58)

  • Roz’s Journey of Development (20:18)

  • Plus Sized Women and Society (28:31)

  • Michelle Obama’s Experience with Roz (34:36)

  • Empowering Disempowered People Through Exercise (39:23)

  • The Paradox of Self-Confidence and Its Outward Appearance (44:27)

  • Being A Light for Others (55:30)

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