Changing Lives in Prison Through Theater & the Arts

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Sabra Williams

Sabra Williams has received international acclaim for her work as an actor and co-founder of The Actors' Gang Prison Project, including being named by President Obama a, “Champion of Change” in 2016, and being honored with a British Empire Medal by Queen Elizabeth in 2018.

As former Director of The Prison Project, for twelve years, she oversaw the program from one California State Prison to thirteen, as well as programs in two Reentry facilities, girls Juveniles Camps and a new Correctional & Probation Officer program.

She is currently the Executive Director of a new Social Justice initiative, Creative Acts.

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Show Notes

  • Sabra’s Journey of Bringing Theatre into Prisons (3:53)

  • Theatre’s Impact on Racial Segregation and Gang Culture (13:21)

  • The US Prison and Justice System (19:01)

  • The Problem with the Word “Recidivism” (25:37)

  • Masculinity and Prison Culture (33:30)

  • The Importance of Self-Work in Social Justice Movements (40:58)

  • Appropriate Leadership in Social Justice Movements (41:57)

  • Experiences with Prison Systems and Policy Reform (44:50)

  • Sabra’s New Initiative Creative Acts and Its Experiences with Juvenile Prisons and Activism (52:47)

  • 300 Year Vision (1:03:05)

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