The (Integral) Feminine Reawakening

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Suzanne Anderson

Suzanne Anderson is a psychologist, executive coach, speaker, thought leader on resilient leadership and co-author of the triple award-winning book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead. Her work is dedicated to awakening women to their full potential, urging them to the edge of their own evolution - to be the ones who are able to lead us into a new cultural paradigm.

Over fifteen years of research led Suzanne to discover The Mysterial Way - an emerging leadership model that integrates both Feminine and Masculine capacities, embraces women’s wholeness and addresses all the domains of her unique experience. This multi-faceted, in-depth approach to her work rests on 30 years of study and practice in a grounded spiritual path that remains a vital aspect of her life today.

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Show Notes

  • How Suzanne Began Her Work Following A “Light” Event (4:27)

  • A Corresponding “Dark” Event (15:01)

  • The Mysterial Way of Being (25:40)

  • The Map of Development (27:18)

  • The Importance of Feminine Qualities in Leadership (38:52)

  • The Future Synergy Between Men and Women (45:27)

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